4 Signs You are Already Rich

There are many measurements in various publications like the Financial Times and Money magazine through detailed numerical analysis will deem you to be part of the wealthiest 1% of the population. I have found however that there are many undocumented and hidden indicators that you may be wealthier than you think, even if your bank account does not match the S&P 500 standard of wealth just yet.  I believe these can be classified under four main categories.

1. Your balance sheet is labeled: Appreciation-Lack Orientation=Vibrational Equity

The traditional balance sheet for any business is Assets — Liabilities = Owner’s Equity. The goal for most businesses is to increase assets and minimize liabilities so that you have plenty of equity. Both formulas mean the same thing to you. You know that, like assets, appreciation appreciates and beliefs in lack are liabilities. Your attention bends towards solutions instead of problems. People are drawn to the rich reservoir of empowering and inspiring presence (vibrational equity) that you emanate. You also use your equity to invest in a greater connection with your higher self, your family, your community, and planet earth. Like every good investor, you invest in the asset of gratitude that is also heavily invested in by the markets and environments that you place yourself in as you collectively watch your investments grow.

2. Your bank account, business, or boss are not the principal decision makers in your life and neither is your spouse.

Your intuition, sixth sense, your gut…whatever you want to call that internal guiding principle system (GPS) that has kept you alive thus far is your boss and your true north. You listen to this guidance even if it is guiding you into unfamiliar or even irrational territory because you know it is unwavering and always right. While the rest of the world is waiting for a lover, a house, another certification, a law to pass, approval from their family and friends, you already have all the approval you need within you this very moment.

3. You consider doing things that your inner GPS does not want you to do for money to be anathemas.

Causing any kind of harm to another human, the environment, or animal for money is unfathomable to you. You have plenty of everything you need and want and you understand the laws of giving and receiving. You know that money is like red blood cells. It is a carrier of resources to different parts of the world, like red blood cells carry nutrients to different parts of the body. It is a fundamentally agreed upon aspect of being human, and accumulating it at the expense of other parts of your ecosystem is not in your best interest (to put it mildly).

You also know that money is like an emotion. It is a form of exchange, circulation, and distribution. Emotion functions much the same way. It is energy in motion being circulated from our inner GPS that is felt in different parts of our being letting us know if we are in appreciation or lack and if we need to make any adjustments to our lifestyle to bring us into greater balance. For more on this, you can read my post titled Emotions are Money.

When you see someone else that has something you want, you see them as a reflection of yourself. Instead of asking questions like, “Why don’t I have that?” You ask, “How can I give that and how can I receive that?” You know that you can only give what you are willing to receive and vice versa. And you magnetize opportunities to give and receive as easily as you breathe.

4. Your daily life is like a stream of synchronistic encounters, synergistic meetings, and serendipitous events.

You think of someone and they call. You receive a brilliant insight right before someone asks you to share. You turn left and see the house you have been looking for. You are aware of a failsafe mechanism within your very being that will not allow you to get too far off balance. If you do, it has a way of snapping you right back into place.

Other people think you have something they don’t, when in reality they likely have much of what you don’t: a competitive drive, a constant need for approval, distrust, and a deep sense of insecurity and restlessness.

If this is how you are living your life, consider yourself part of an elite group of people. Of course, you know that is even a contradiction because you don’t see yourself as inferior or superior to anyone else in truth. You have discovered great wisdom from your ancestors, both from their model and from their mistakes. You know the perils of making money into a god (source) as displayed in much of our banking, corporate, and economic system, and you know the dysfunction that results when money is declared as evil by many of the religious and idealistic institutions.

You have a healthy relationship with money as a member of your community. You know that money reflects the balance within your being. It is neither evil nor all powerful.

You are leading the way for humanity in the coming decade to transform the way we do business, healthcare, parenting, economics, education, and pretty much everything else. Congratulations, you are really, really, rich.

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3 Secrets About Money that Will Change Your Life

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

I could barely get these words onto the page fast enough.  Like you, I have experienced a variety of emotions when it came to the word money.  I know what it is like to be in possession of plenty of it and I also know what it is like to wonder how I will be able to pay for basic needs like rent and food.  In fact, I spent many sleepless nights that turned into years worrying about money.  That all came to an end when I discovered three secrets that no one ever taught me about in accounting class.  I certainly never found  them reading Money magazine and my own family was not aware of them.

Here they are:

The first secret is that you have a relationship with money and it deserves as much respect as any other relationship in your life.  I can just hear the voices of objection saying that money is not a human being and that it does not deserve the respect that a relationship with your spouse, parent, or child deserves.  Money is a piece of paper, it is a number on a bank account balance.  How could you possibly compare that with a person?  People have emotions and money does not have emotions!  That is correct. And the answer to that part lies in the the third secret, so stay tuned.

Most of us have been relating to money as either something to stay away from, reject, and abandon, or something we need to possess, objectify, worship and hang onto for dear life.  I don’t know about you, but I can think of relationships where I have acted in those ways or maybe the other person has…and…..it did not end well.  Yet, so much is learned, gained, and developed in relationships.   The way you relate to money will likely reflect the way it relates to you as all relationships do.  They are reflections of our deepest beliefs.  The next time you take money out of your wallet or bank account and give it someone, consider the fact that you are in a relationship with it.  Where would you want it to go?  Do you trust that it is in good hands?  Also consider if you are holding your money hostage.

The next secret about money is that it is not your true source.  This was a big one for me.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday when I heard someone say, “Your bank account is not your source.”  A farmer knows that the fruits from the trees are not the source, they come from the tree, and the tree comes from something invisible that keeps it alive and bearing fruit season after season.   Up until that point, I thought I was free because I had left a possessive relationship and oppressive job.  I felt free for a little while until I started to see my once plump bank account start to look a little on the thin side.  What had happened was that I had taken my power back from my boss, family, and my former spouse and conveniently shifted it into my bank account.

The secret is that all lasting and sustainable power can only be accessed within you in the present moment.  It is realizing that nothing outside of you is really outside of you, but only a holographic reflection of your mental and emotional body.  Your power, your source of wealth, health, and well being has never been in your job, with your parents, your spouse, or your bank account.  They can only reflect the amount of consciousness you can access within you in any given moment.  If you want to witness an abundant bank account, start feeling the abundance within you right now.  For all you accounting buffs, here is a new twist to the standard balance sheet that is also proves accurate: appreciation-lack orientation = vibrational equity.

The final secret was truly the missing piece for me and it really is a secret for the vast majority of humanity.  This is the realization that money does not have emotions because……..money is of the same essence as an emotion.  Money, much like emotion is energy in circulation.  Emotions circulate messages and resources from spirit to our human awareness and money circulates goods and services from humans throughout our planet.  When you realize this, you realize that if you can manage your emotions, you can manage your money.  I wrote an entire blog on this because it is a massive paradigm shift that goes deep and the more of us that inner-stand this, the more likely we are to live on a more peaceful planet.

It was when these three secrets clicked into place that my whole life changed.  I went from being like a jealous lover with money to allowing it to be free.  That is really all she ever wanted.  When I set money free, a whole new world opened up for me.

If you would like some help integrating and embodying these secrets in your life  I am offering private one hour sessions for a limited time at a discount, here.

Can You Live Your Soul’s Dream and Be Prosperous?

Are you as tired as I am of people making money something you have to fight for?

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Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

What if money is a spiritual substance we have been consciously and unconsciously been playing hide and seek with for thousands of years….and….well to the disappointment of some, the game is now coming to an end.  Most of us have been either hiding from it, chasing it, or holding onto it for dear life.

“All substance is energy in motion.  It lives and flows.  Money is symbolically a golden, flowing stream of concretized vital energy.”  The Magical Work of the Soul

Have you ever tried to hold onto an emotion, water, or air?  Money as it turns out is not all that different.

Have you ever wondered why “war” language is so often used when referring to business and money? For example, “make a killing”, “crush it”, “capture clients”, or “badass at making money”?

Why do we believe we have to turn into warriors to make money?  It could be because like our breath, paying non-judgmental attention to money is simple but not easy in the midst of the hide and seek mind?  It could also be because money has been used to fund the very wars and enslavement that fought over it or it could simply be that war language sells.

What if we just stopped playing the game we have been taught to play by the small percentage of people holding the majority of the money?

“The idea that you must work for your right to be alive – earn a living as if living were a gift that can be bought.  The belief that the only way to make money is to work hard for it came from an elite group that decided that human beings were worth little more than to live their lives as worker drones.  A role barely elevated above slave race, where uprisings were unnecessary for the vast majority because slave was a label given to someone else and you were not that.  And yet you were not free, you were imprisoned by a belief that said money was hard to come by and that you had to work hard or else starve, be homeless, and ashamed. Abundance for All,  by Caroline Oceana Ryan:

The collective, a group of high vibration beings that she channels go on to say,

“Your current monetary system is an illusion, in which many zeroes are placed after a number in a computer, not any connection to precious metals or items of actual worth.  Trillions of dollars and euros have been concocted out of thin air.  If the very wealthy need not work for their money, neither need anyone else.  Part of your role as a light worker is to assist in the reinstatement of light in human monetary affairs.”

 Would we be left in the cold as we have been misled to believe by not obeying the dictates of old paradigms regarding stress and hard work or would we be free to fulfill our soul’s dream?  I propose the latter.

If what we can perceive with our senses is only 1% of reality according to quantum physics, then our physical bodies and money make up a very small part of reality; however more than 50% of our collective consciousness is focused on this physical reality, in other words concerned with the world of objects and matter to the exclusion of all other dimensions and realities we are existing in.   There are also statistics showing that 1% of the population owns more than 50% of the wealth on the planet.  Could this be an outer reflection of this disparity in where our consciousness lies?*

The rebalancing of resources and the unification of our species is all part of the liberation of consciousness.

Light emissaries, empaths, spiritual seekers have historically denied the existence of money leaving it to energies of greed to gather and steward.  As long as money is in the shadows, she will continue to unconsciously control us and be controlled by those that are under the grip of shadow energies.  We have been hearing many messages for decades now about how money is going away and we are moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where we can just manifest what we need instantly.

If you are already consistently doing that with ease, call me.

For the remaining, 99.999% of humanity, the third dimension of time and space still has momentum and gravity for us.  Here is the really important part to know that is not often shared.  In order to be in and remain in the high consciousness of instant manifestation, we must allow money to be brought into the light of that consciousness.

Is it any wonder why money is continuously stated as the number one concern and reason that we feel we are unable to fulfill our soul’s mission or live our dreams?

Money has a deep history of being manipulated, controlled, feared, and denied by the very beings who created her as a means of exchange.

We keep hearing things like…”Money doesn’t matter”, “I don’t care about money”, or conversely “Money is the path to freedom.”

What kind of society do these beliefs create?  Basically, money is either denied (cast into the shadow) or serves as a slave driver and a slave.

 You wouldn’t want to set free the very thing that is responsible for your freedom would you?

 Money has been a topic largely avoided by the spiritual community and at the same time she is obsessed with and worshipped on wall street and in most economic institutions.  The truth is, money has endured tremendous abuse.

I believe it is time to bring money out of the shadows…much like our emotions into the light of our loving awareness.  It is time to see her for what she is.

She is an energetic exchange in physical form, a representation of circulation much like red blood cells transporting nutrients to different organs in the human body, money transports resources to various parts of the body of humanity.  She cannot be denied or held onto.  For what you are attached to is attached to you, what you possess, possesses you, and what you own, owns you.  You are far beyond anything you can own and as energy you cannot be ultimately contained.

Money has been mistreated for far too long.  She is a spirit and no she is not scarce.

Prosperity is the balancing of all aspects of your experience, which include money.  It is the integration of your shadow as part of your whole being.. the true you that is here now.  It is non-dual, in other words, it is the reverence of all that is.

From “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist tells a story about a leader of a village in Bangladesh, where there had been extreme poverty and high levels of crime.  He attended a workshop by the Hunger Project focusing on looking within and locally for what is already there.

“He was so inspired, he gathered 6 of his friends to look at the resources they already had, but previously overlooked.  They got permission to clear seventeen acres of tangled vegetation that had taken over their land.  They inspired 600 more people to start the clearing effort, training young people and widows to cultivate and farm.  In clearing he land, they were surprised to discover a lake with abundant fish. Eighteen thousand people in the immediate area benefited from this activity and an area that had been wracked with poverty was now becoming self-sufficient and beginning to flourish. The crime rate had dropped by an astounding 70 percent.”

Prosperity is the ability to open your heart and accept your true source of well-being and all its reflections.  It requires seeing and relating to the unwanted and wanted parts in a way that is honoring, liberating, and with integrity.  We are being supported by mother earth at this time to keep our hearts open and allow prosperity in a variety of forms to come to, through, and as us.  When we listen to our soul’s guidance, the ego loosens its grip on making us separate. We merge with Divine will and the flow of abundance is truly realized as our birthright.

Prosperity is your birthright because you have been given everything you need the moment you got here. It can only be accessed in the present moment.  The question is – are you prosperous now?   This requires deep stillness  to answer.  It is not something that can be manipulated, controlled, feared, or denied.  What lake of abundance is hidden underneath all the beliefs that say you don’t deserve it?

I say that Prosperity is not something you have to search and work hard for.

It is who you are right now beneath those beliefs.

If you feel you would like additional support in this, I have included three audios and a 20 minute session with me here.

May you prosper and thrive.






Emotions are Money


How can emotions be linked to money?

Let me first give you some background as to how and maybe why I received this information and why I must share it with you now.

I have spent my career in the last 20 years focused on essentially two things: money and emotions.  I had no idea they were connected until now.

I started off as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for millionaires, then decided I wanted to use my skills and abilities to help those on the other end of the spectrum.  I became a wage and hour investigator assisting in the return of millions of dollars to hard working employees who were not paid wages legally owed to them.  I was always particularly fascinated with human behavior and the role of human emotions in relationships and the work environment.  This led me to focus on helping people one on one in healing emotional wounds through a process of energy clearing.

Here is the important part:

I have not heard or read anyone talking about this, but emotions are energy in circulation.  We all have an emotional body just like we have a physical body.  We are also microcosms of the macrocosmic universe.  Everyone knows that money is energy, but did you know that money is the outer reflection of emotions specifically?

Physical healers will all tell you that disease is a denial of emotions; and….so is debt.

I am going to speak specifically to the collective culture in the United States because it is the one I am most familiar with.  Everyone here is aware of their physical bodies and matter in all its manifestations because it can be seen and touched with our physical senses and we can get easy agreement from our neighbor that our living room chair for example is blue if it is blue.  You may disagree on the specific shade, but you can agree it is still blue.

Nutrition, exercise, fashion, and computers are all billion dollar industries.  We know very clearly what they do for us, and based on how identified we are with matter, or the physical, we will invest in it.  As a culture, professions like accounting, healthcare, attorneys, engineers, and computer technicians are greatly respected for how they can help our physical assets (homes, bodies, computers, money, cars).

What about our emotions?  We do in fact have an emotional body.  The problem is that we cannot see it.  We can feel it, but we cannot physically touch it.  For that reason, as a collective culture raised on Newtonian physics, we mostly deny it.  When you get physically injured or come down with the flu, you can get a doctor’s note and be excused from school or work.  You are even advised to stay home and take care of yourself.

So what happens when there is an injury to the emotional body?  Basically, you are told to pretend you don’t have it.  Have you ever heard anyone say you are not allowed to cry at work, or women are too emotional, or the eye roll and blank stare when an emotion is expressed? Maybe someone who is really into the positive thinking movement believes lower emotions are bad and decides to quickly change the subject.  This is all denial of the emotional body and it has been going on collectively for a long time.  The history of the financial system in the United States and how it is linked to the denial of emotions will be covered on another post.

So what does this have to do with money?

Emotions are like energetic charges.  The word charge is appropriate because it feels like a charge in your body.  You feel anger and your face gets red from the intensity of the charge for example.

Like charges on a credit card, emotional charges do not go away, they gather interest until they are paid.

Emotional charges simply are asking for conscious attention, no thought or judgment, only attention and awareness.  They are debts in your energy field that have been pushed away, ignored, and are asking to be seen.   The longer they are in the shadows, the more energetic interest they gather until they are paid conscious attention to.  Energy healers specialize in helping you with this by clearing large amounts of charges from your emotional body that can reflect as financial debts being paid in the physical.  I have experienced this first hand.

Let me give you some examples.  Notice people who tend to have their emotions under lock and key and keep them tightly hidden away.  They probably have money saved up in accounts they don’t ever touch.  Although they seem unaffected by emotions, they are also not benefiting from them either.  There is a flat and stale quality to their energy.

There is also those with the personality archetype that is committed to proving that they are a victim.  They dismiss the emotions of contentment and happiness because they pose a threat to their identity.  People with this dominant archetype may find they do not have money to do the things they would like to do.  Their emotions have control over them and so does money, so more than likely they work in jobs they do not like or are in relationships they are very unhappy in for money.

Another example is someone who only allows positive emotions.  If a negative emotion arises, it is immediately denied and repressed as they proceed to recite positive affirmations on their way to the next big millionaire mindset event, intent on making this year their most profitable one yet.  You will find that many of these people have large amounts of debt due to they systematic denial of certain emotions.

If you want more abundance in your life, consider allowing whatever emotions come your way to play, to tantrum, and to go when they are ready to.

If you would like some help you can go to soulfreedomfirst.com and schedule a consultation.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might benefit.


Does Freedom Require Force?


If you are like me, you are really tired of feeling like you are being controlled.  The list seems to be ever growing of the ways in which we as humans are being controlled.  We are controlled by the media, the pharmaceutical companies, our food supply, the major banks, our government, and even our own families.

So what is this freedom, this sovereignty we all want that seems to be a moving target for most of us and where is it to be found?

A bit of a warning here:  What I am about to express may challenge previously held belief systems.

While I was out walking in nature yesterday, I found myself playing out a conversation I needed to have with a relative that I felt was trying to control me.  As I was listening to the voice in my head, I kept hearing it demand that this person leave me in peace and to accept who I was.  It seemed to become quite insistent and even relentless.

I realized this was a repetitive script that was playing in my mind, so I suddenly became still and tuned into the voice in my heart instead.  This is what it said:

Rebelliousness in the form of force is another version of control.

I have to be honest, I was quite stunned to receive this.  I was confident that I was innocent and that this person needed to change so that I could be at peace.  The voice in the heart continued however; and it said that change and transformation that occurs from the power that trees, babies, and flowers grow out of, is change that is organic, natural, non-violent soothing, blossoming, and nourishing all that it touches.  It does not incite an equal and opposite force that brings forth its collapse.

Examples of rebellion in the form of force include religions created as direct rebellions against other religions, political and social systems created in order to break free from the control matrix of the existing system.  History teaches us, that if the basic mind pattern is not dissolved, any rebellion or dogma will simply be replaced by another.

It appears that the only true freedom is the freedom from our own control programming.  Any attempts at controlling the words and behaviors of another person is ultimately another program of control.

The power of awareness dissolves these patterns and calls forth our non-dualistic, non-causal, and sovereign nature.  The awareness is the liberation into the zero point of creation.  This is the law of one.  Whatever we are experiencing is a part of our own programming, much of which has been unconscious until it is reflected back to us by the mirror of another.

You are free right now regardless of who is in your life and your current circumstances.  No one can give you freedom.  It is already yours.

This may provoke some of you.  What is the script that starts playing when you read this?

What does it Mean to “Have Faith”

It only takes a few seconds of checking your Facebook account before you come across a post about how doomed we are as a country, as humans, and as a community.  Some of the posts are pointing to cold hard facts that are difficult to deny.  It doesn’t matter how many inspirational gurus and teachers you subscribe to, it seems like these posts are increasingly unavoidable especially in recent years.

This begs a very important question.  Why do we look for, repeat (several times), and announce to the world the two things that went wrong in a day and manage to completely ignore the 52 million operations that went smoothly, the 3,000 miraculous occurrences, and the 250 acts of kindness?  These numbers are of course audaciously low estimates of the actual number of these wonderful things that happen every day.  More important than exact numbers is the reason most humans tend to ignore them.

What about the quiet, yet powerful and intelligent voice?  Most people are too busy striving, struggling, and chasing an idea that promises future status or riches or they are ruminating on a thought that threatens their safety.  They are unable to be still enough to hear and benefit from the powerful and reverberating quiet voice.  The voice that is always beckoning you back to benevolence.  In a busy and demanding lifestyle, only the loudest voices get our attention.  It takes the most harsh and abrasive voice sometimes to wake many people up from the sleep of their deeply unconscious routines.  Meanwhile for many people, the quiet, gentle, and benevolent voice goes unheard for years, decades, centuries, and even millennia.

So many people belong to a particular religion and like good and obedient students…they pray.  They say they pray every night and every day.  I know many members of my own family who do this.  They also say that their prayers go unanswered and “they are losing their faith, or have lost their faith.”  They have learned how to pray, which is an important part of identifying what you want in life.  I noticed however that many have not really learned how to truly receive the answers to their prayers.

It appears many of us that have been conditioned in organized religions have learned to pray as part of an overarching curriculum designed to control.  So the student learns to pray the way they learn history, math, and science, and they learn that if they can control and manipulate their environment enough, they will someday be somebody special.  So they pray, and they think, and they plan, and they proceed to control, control, control, (both others and their own experience.)  All the while, they are missing perhaps the most vital piece, the most intimate recognition.  They forget the very force by and through which they can even pray, learn, or grow.  They forget the force or intelligence that is really in control.  They try to do its job for it and then ask it to do its job.   Of course, this system never works and that is when you hear people say, “I have lost my faith.”  The truth is that they never had it.  How can you say you have faith in God or the universe when every time you ask for something, you proceed to try to do it yourself?

It is like a manager giving his employees a task to do and then doing it himself.  The employees very intelligently stop doing the task because they know that one of two things will happen.  They will do the task and it will not be appreciated or accepted as good enough or their manager will just do it forgetting he had asked his employees to do it.  Later the manager will say, “I lost my faith in my employees.”  The truth is that he never had it.  This is where mediation, stillness, and what has been called “karma yoga” comes in.  Karma Yoga is activity that is done out of pure joy and full awareness without any attachment to the outcome.  A request is made to the universe and it is then released to a unified, intelligent, and benevolent force to take care of in the highest and best way for all concerned.  The most fundamental aspect of the prayer is the release of the prayer to the divine.  This is karma yoga.  It is surrendered and joyous action with a clear mind and an open heart that allows the movement of nature to flow through you unimpeded by outdated beliefs in scarcity and superiority.

Another way of describing this is when God, Angels, or other spirit guides answer your prayers.  They can’t if you don’t let them do their job.

Now, the ego will quickly intervene at this point to say; “but I have been trusting and waiting and nothing is happening.”  That statement in and of itself is an indication that trust is lacking.

Every moment is an enormous gift, regardless of what it looks or feels like to the human senses (quantum physics states that what humans can perceive with their senses is only the tip of the iceberg or less than 1% of what is there.)  Most humans have been conditioned to look for the flaws and the errors, to be skeptical, to be suspicious.  In fact, “critical thinking” is a well respected skill in the standard Western Educational System and even further deeply conditioned in law schools.  This had its place; however it has conditioned and programmed humans on a mass scale to be vigilant for threats, much like our ancestors who had to be prepared to defend against the “saber toothed tiger.”  Today, the potential threats appear in the media, the internet, or TV at such a extraordinarily fast rate, that many humans have been experiencing “disease” at the same rate.

This program of “looking for the flaw” is now obsolete and must be replaced and updated to gratitude 3.o.  The paradigm and program that is being called for now is of looking for the miracle, the perfection, the intelligence, the flow, the gift, the wisdom, and ultimately the truth of who we are right now.  This program gives us all access to our royalty, we inherit the kingdom of goodwill, we ask and receive, all the while surrendering to the harmony of the royal court we all live in.

True Power

sky-clouds-blue-horizon.jpgWhere does power come from?  So many people when asked what they desire, will say happiness, but who does not want power?  Why do kind empathetic people feel inappropriate saying that what they really want is power.  In fact, it appears to be what we all really want.  When we say we just want to be happy, have a nice house, recognition, a vacation, more money.  Aren’t we all really just looking for power?  We all say we want to be happy.  I don’t know anyone who does not want to be happy.  Underneath happiness; however, often lies a fear that we are powerless over our circumstances and could easily lose that happiness, excitement, or peace as soon as we get a letter from the bank, the credit card company, or the IRS that we owe money, or an e-mail from someone accusing us of wrong-doing.  However, when someone says they want power, it appears to connote greed.  You may have heard the phrase power corrupts or the many stories of how people in power have oppressed those less powerful.  It seems ok to say you want a good life, or you want peace, joy, and happiness, but it is not socially acceptable to want power.  Wanting power seems to incite fear from those around us.  Is it any wonder that many of us are afraid of our true power?  I would venture to say that what we really want above happiness, peace, and any status or material thing is power.  The power to decide how we want to feel, think, and do in the world.  It is time we allow ourselves to desire true power.

So now this begs the question of where is this power to be found?  The scholarly mind will give you all kinds of evidence of the power of the mind.  Look at all the great inventions, scientific and medical advances, and advances in technology.  The mind is particularly qualified to give you all kinds of tangible and sense perceptible evidence of its power.  Look at all the amazing equipment that we have that can detect diseases, look at our machines and technology that save time and money and are helping humanity.  Look at our weapons, our guns, our bombs.  Look at how powerful the mind is, that can put all of this together.  The mind can save lives with medical devices and pharmaceuticals.  Look at the creative foods and the mind’s ability to discover the use of high fructose corn syrup in food to make people hungrier and less nourished upon eating it, and making the production of these foods more cost effective.  This has certainly been a clever trick by the mind to bring large amounts of wealth into the hands of a very few at the cost of the health of millions of unsuspecting individuals.  The mind has been very clever in creating medications that relieve pain and create further imbalances in the body.  The mind is very clever in manipulating other human beings that are as equally disconnected from their own power source.

Is the mind powerful or is it clever?  How powerful is it on it’s own?  It is certainly adept at creating very powerful machinery, foods, and industries that are destroying our bodies and environment.  It doesn’t need to be connected with the heart and soul to create these things.

This is where one may feel helpless to ever make a difference or be a part of the solution in a mad crazy world.  This is the part where we throw our hands up in the air and say “what are you going to do” and “oh well”  and “you can’t change people”

This is a choice point in fact.  Some people become depressed and even more entrenched in their beliefs.  They may hold on to their beliefs even tighter as their weakness is revealed.  This is where complaining, victim consciousness originates.  It’s voice is often whiny, repetitive, and it repeats the same story in a circular fashion.  Much like the nursery rhyme on an infant’s high chair.  It typically does not inspire change, empower, influence, or call forth the best in humanity.  At worst, the energy of the victim identified mind recreates the same external environment based on the law of resonance that like vibration attracts like vibrations.  There is a lot of truth to Byron Katie’s statement that “Victims are Violent”  So many people are still living the lives of their ancestors even though their environment and circumstances are completely different.  They have inherited their beliefs and traumas.  They work in jobs they hate with people they hate for the pay and benefits.  It is as if they are still slaves.  Their supervisors are their slave owners.  They feel they are oppressed and unfairly treated, but they still stay.  They cannot see another way.  We as humans have been given instincts that keep us safe.  We stay on the sidewalk so we don’t get hit by a car, keep our hands off of a hot stove.  In that regard, our instincts are valuable.  They keep us away from the Saber toothed Tiger too.  Instincts happen prior to thought.  What about when we are already safe?  Is there something else that can guide us?  This something else has been referred to as intuition.  Intuition is larger than thought, it is the voice of the soul.  It sometimes guides us through valleys of discomfort because it sees something much bigger than our senses and logical mind can perceive.

There is a better way.  There is a place within each of us where true power resides.  It is referred to as the heart, the intuition, the connection to our divinity.  Like a lamp connected to it’s power source.  We all have that same power source within us always, we are just not always plugged into it.

True power is in the present moment, it is authentic, it is clear, it is honest and it is always right now.  It does not divide, separate and conquer.  It is unified with all that it perceives.  When one let’s go of their story, they find their glory.  True power does not come with a story.  It doesn’t have a past or a future.  It is ever-present to everyone who realizes they can plug into it.  It can elevate each individual and all of humanity.  It can save lives, but not in the way the mind can understand.  It works synchronistically, miraculously, non-linearly.  It doesn’t have a name, a face, a color, a race.  It is irresistible and it is the only choice, the only solution.  The course in Miracles refers to this when it says there is only one choice, one problem, one solution.  True power can never be threatened, it is whole, it is real, it is eternal, and it is perfect.










The Soul’s Choices

We can choose the options we already know about.  The ones that have already been experienced in the past.  We can also choose something that may only exist in our woman-girl-freedom-happy-39853.jpegimagination.  If the universe is infinite and we are all creators in human bodies, we can assume that we can create new possibilities.  All that we can see with our physical eyes originated in someone’s imagination.  Why then can we not all imagine something and observe how it solidifies into form?   We can observe this physically when air condenses into water and then is frozen into ice.  We could say that our thoughts are the same.  If that is true, than we have many more choices than our parents, friends, and co-workers tell us we have.  We have many more choices than the logical mind based in memory could ever have.

Therein lies the power of the intuitive mind.  Intuition can see something the five senses cannot.  It is the signal from the infinite universe, the warehouse of the soul, offering an idea that has not been experienced in physical reality.  It is through intuition that we have choices.  We have the power to choose a new reality in the present moment.

Not the prescribed options inherited from our ancestors, community, society, the media, or our genetics.  It is through the intuition that we find the doorway to freedom, freedom from the known, the recycled, the ego, to the new, the original, the true divine inheritance.

This is the dream of our soul.

Is the Soul Good or is it Free?

You do not have to be good.  You have to be free.  Free from the judge telling you where to flee. Being good is bondage.  It is entrapment into the society’s beliefs you were born into.

Elizabeth Gilbert ponders this same question on her Facebook page.

I decided to take the invitation and delve into it.

Being good is easier, it is also stagnant, stale, like a swamp.  All you have to do is follow rules that have been prescribed, written down, or spoken by your tribe.  Like a blind mule, (or a sheep to the slaughter), you follow the herd, ignoring the howls and screams from your heart.  You do not have to be good all the time, nor should you.  Being good often means enslavement to a standard set by someone who lived in a different time or place.  A standard made of chains and walls (sometimes made of gold) around your ever flowing, radiant, irresistible heart.  The organ that only knows truth. The heart is the detector and receptor of the soul.  The soul is the true boss whether we want it to be or not.  It communicates to the heart first, sent to the mind to process, is reflected in our energy field and manifested in and outside the body.  (For more detail and the science on this Unified Field Theory, you can read Dr. Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu’s book.)

The soul is the boss.  If we listen to it, we are guided to everything we need.  Sometimes the soul guides us to things that our conditioning cautions us against.  The ego wants to keep us safe and it wants to stay in tact.  Don’t mess this up, it seems to say.  It is a tradition in our family, this is the way it has always been done, look at all I have done for you.  What the ego will not tell you is that these unquestioned beliefs are all entrapments.  Sometimes they may be in alignment with current reality, but often they are not.  The soul is always right and will always guide you to the greatest peace, the greatest harmony, the greatest love, and ultimately to the truth of who you really are.

Structures for Your Soul

It is important to work with the Divine and co-create structures that support co-creation and flexibility.  These new structures can serve as installations of safety measures against addictive, habitual, conditioned egoic patterns.  Many unhealthy patterns are obvious and don’t need to be mentioned here, but some are a little more subtle.  They may include addictions to social media, news stories, sugary foods, caffeine, alcohol, shopping, complaining, venting, watching movies, videos, co-dependency with loved ones, chronic apologizing, e-mail subscriptions, webinars, webcasts…  Most of these things in and of themselves are neither good or bad.  In fact many of them can be a source of healing.  However, in this information age, it can quickly turn into an addictive pattern.  So how do we know if we are on track and plugged into our source of power or if we are at the mercy of and plugged into ego or some addictive pattern?

The prime indicator is how we feel.  Stress is an alarm clock, a red light, a warning signal that we are not plugged into our source of true power.  It is a signal to stop and observe the sensations in the body.  Deepak Chopra uses STOP as an acronym when we feel stressed that stands for Stop, Take a breath, Observe the body from within, and then Proceed.  This is an easy way to remember how to plug back into your most powerful energy source.  “Be Still and Know that I am as God”, said a well known spiritual teacher named Jesus.  In the present moment, your awareness bathes your body with all the light and attention it has been asking for.  As you relax, your hardware(physical body), software (subconscious beliefs), operating system (conscious mind) plugged into their power source can now function optimally as intended.  A reboot is often necessary during times of massive energetic updates such as are occurring for planet earth and humanity in the year 2016.  It is critical that we completely turn off our minds and bodies and go into stillness in order for these updates to be installed.  Many humans that are able to clearly channel spirit speak of updates to our crystalline DNA and human blueprint.

We must be plugged into our source.  If not, we will be able to function for awhile; however we risk a shutdown in the middle of doing something we have invested a lot of time and energy on.  Of course ultimately, that is ok too.  It is the ego that makes us feel afraid or guilty.  The ego makes a great servant, but a not so great master.  In order for it to serve our Soul; we have to recognize it for what it is.  It has dominated humanity for thousands of years, so it should not be underestimated.  If not recognized, it will assert itself at every opportunity.  It will try to take credit for accomplishments and assert a separate identity as someone special that can create or do more than others.  It may view the universal operating system of humanity as superior or inferior in another person and be threatened by it.  What the ego cannot understand is that any advance in the operating system of one human is an advance for all humans.

Quantum Physics and the laws of energy and electricity provide us with evidence that when a control tower or vortex of energy is created, we can all tune into the frequency and benefit from it.  Kind of like the WIFI or cell phone connection to the Divine Matrix.  This proves that we live in an abundant universe.  The human brain is a highly complex instrument and has been used to implement highly advanced technologies like the computer and other helpful tools for daily living.  The key word is instrument.  The brain is a useful instrument in service of the soul.  As a master; however, it fragments the whole of reality into bits and pieces.  It is the Soul that knows that we are not separate from each other.  Through surrender to what is, the Soul, the true self guides the mind and body, and the veil is lifted and unity consciousness is restored.